A short little documentary shot right here in Rochester, NY. It’s not the most visually impressive thing you’ll ever see, but the stories are definitely worth hearing!

My rugby team got featured in a local superbowl ad. You can see me briefly at 0m36s (big hairy guy on the right) and again at 0m44s (on the rucking sled yelling at the guys and not doing any real work per usual).

This is about as close as I’ll get to fame!

For my love of Rochester and image geekiness, I present some old flickergraphs of Rochester. These animated gifs are made by taking two photographs right next to each other (but not in the exact same place) and then flicking between the two of them very fast to give the illusion of depth.

I originally found these on Rochester Subway. These five are my favourite, but check out Rochester Subway to see them all.


The back of High Falls in Winter circa 1870


High Falls circa 1885


Monroe County Courthouse on Main St circa 1880


Pitkin Vault at Mt Hope Cemetery circa 1875

west-main-street-rochester-1875West Main St circa 1875