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ENT Outreach

Since 2010 CURE Zambia has been in the possession of a mobile ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) clinic truck, gifted to us by Gorta and Irish Aid, and has conducted screenings all around Zambia. Minor procedures and extractions can be done on site, while more serious issues are referred to our permanent hospital in Lusaka. For all the children, the visit is an event and for the ones with hearing issues, it is life changing!


Children arrive in droves after being bussed in from many of the surrounding schools.


Alfred Mwamba, CURE Zambia’s Audiologist and the only Audiologist in Zambia, attempts to organise the children in lines by school year.



Excilda (top) and Gabriel (bottom), CURE employees, conduct preliminary screenings on the children to determine what their complaint is before they see the medical staff.


Children wait outside the temporary ENT clinic.


In this case, a small library was used as the base to see children.


Evelyn sets up equipment before the children arrive.


Charity peers into an ear for any signs of foreign objects. The majority of perpetrators are sticks and stones that were used in an attempt to itch and clean the inner ear. It is also not uncommon to find a cockroach that has crawled in during the night


A child undergoes a hearing test to find out her range of hearing.


Alfred fills a teenager’s ear with earmold impression material in order to cast a hearing aid mold.


A teenager with his freshly casted molds.


Secondary school students wait outside the mobile clinic to see CURE’s ENT surgeon, Dr. Ute Froeschl. 


Patson attempts to fix the mobile clinic generator as students wait to be seen.



Dr. Ute removes foreign objects from children’s ears and impresses on them the importance of not cleaning their ears with sticks and stones.


On this outreach, roughly 400 students were seen.