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I finally completed the coffee table I’ve been working on for the past few weeks when I wasn’t in Zambia or doing the job I actually get paid to do. All in all, I’m really happy with the way it came out!

It’s also posted over on the Woodlum Co. Facebook page and the Woodlum Co. Etsy page.

When I started graduate school in 2012, a friend of mine who was getting his PhD in Philosophy gave me some advice on how to stay sane through my studies. The advice was threefold:

1.Find a way to stay mentally stimulated outside of your area of study.

2. Find a way to stay physically active.

3. Find a way to work with your hands.

If you’ve been checking out this blog for more than a day, you’ve mostly likely noticed that I love to read (mental stimulation) and I’m a tad obsessed with rugby (physical activity). Unfortunately, turning pages and stiff arming big men trying to tackle you doesn’t quite count as “working with your hands.”

Growing up, my Dad was always making furniture or knick knacks in his woodshop and, when high school came, he began helping me build skateboard ramps together for my friends and I. Begrudgingly, I endured the woodworking process so I could skate rather than out of a love of the art, but through it all, my Dad sneakily passed on the basics of the craft. So when I was given the grad school advice, this was the art I turned to. My first project was to build a skateboard, but after that, the ideas kept flowing. I took a break while I was over in Zambia as I had to leave all my tools behind, but I’m back in the States and back at it!

Below is the first project I’ve completed since I’ve been back which was sprung on me by my little sister. She had found a downed section of fence and a planter, gave them to me, and said “make me a coffee table for my apartment.” She may have said it nicer than that, but oh well. So here we have it. A fencer & planter coffee table with a trap door compartment!

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I’ll be posting completed projects here on the [ The Way I See It ] from time to time, but I’ve also thrown together a facebook page under the pseudonym Woodlum Co. with the pipe dream that maybe someone might enjoy something I make so much that they’ll give me money for it someday.

We will see.


We went glamping* this weekend in NY’s Letchworth State Park with a collection of old and new friends from all over both NY and PA.

*Glamping – / ˈɡlampɪŋ / – A form of camping involving activities and attitudes more glamorous than those associated with traditional camping.

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