When we take up the role of servants, we do precisely what the powerful prefer not to do: put ourselves in a position where our power is of little use.

– Andy Crouch in Culture Making p.228

It is no surprise to discover that two-thirds of American philanthropy actually goes to institutions (whether museums, orchestras, or churches) that primarily serve the rich – essentially, the wealthy underwriting their own cultural experiences with the benefit of a tax deduction.

– Andy Crouch in Culture Making p.209

Poverty is not just a matter of lacking financial resources; it can also simply mean being cut off from cultural power. To be poor is to be unable to “make something of the world.”

– Andy Crouch in Culture Making p.43

Liberal Christians, enamored with the historical-critical method, have done a fine job of dismantling the claims of Scripture in light of its cultural context, but evangelical Christians have often done a fine job of ignoring the cultural import of Scripture while defending its divine inspiration.

– Andy Crouch in Culture Making p.11

If you want to change the world, generally speaking, you do well to scale the ladders that lead to elite influence. But we are not here to change the world, generally speaking. Indeed, the good news is the world is already changed, in a specific and astonishing way. God’s ways are not our ways. The culture he would have us make will undoubtedly be far more influential, and far more marginal, than our ambitions could ever fathom.

– Andy Crouch in Culture Making p. 7

Bedtime for democracy, 1985
Junior high angst made me feel alive
We took our lumps and beatings
status quo did not add up through opened eyes now bleeding
And righteous anger to blatant lies, and sleepless nights and lonely cries
Of a hearts ideals now fleeting
And the fire that once burnt my eyes, left not blind but purged that vail o’er eyes now alive and seeing

It all used to mean so much more, like the letter of the law
Now, just an identity whore, red light on a door at a store in a suburban mall
It’s not who i have become or am going to be
But who I already am, but have yet the eyes to see
For what slumbered and doth insist myself doth not exist
Hath yet in youth an unkindly truth resist my metamorphosis

Yes, truth is cruel, the cardinal rule that honesty is unpleasant
Would let the fool impose the tool of internal self resentment
Shalt I yield and drop my shield of steadfast punk rock prose
To wife and child and life beguiled the paths of a tended rose
For in staunch ideals in the court of my peers I truly can not bother
The punkest move that I can make is to be a model model friend, husband and father

-Andrew Verdecchio