My latest foray into the world of woodwork was this dining room table and the accompanying benches. There were some definite learning experiences along the way, but I’m pretty darn happy with the way they all came out!

IMG_9157IMG_9160 IMG_9164

We make war, we are told, for the love of peace. We subvert our Bill of Rights and impose our will abroad for the sake of freedom and law. We honor greed and waste with the name of economy. We allow ever greater wealth and power to accumulate in the hands of a privileged few only to provide jobs for working people and charity to the poor. And we sanctify all this a Christian, though the Gospels support none of it by so much as a line or a word.

– Wendell Berry in The Way of Ignorance: Letter to Daniel Kemmis p.147

This has been increasingly an age of fire. We now travel and transport our goods by means of controlled explosions in the engines of our vehicles. We run our factories, businesses, and households by means of fires or controlled explosions in furnaces and power plants. We fight our wars by controlled, and sometimes uncontrolled, explosions. Violence, in short, is the norm of our economic life and our national security. The line that connects the bombing of a civilian population to the mountain “removed” by strip mining to the gullied and poisoned field to the clear-cut watershed to the tortured prisoner seems to run pretty straight.

– Wendell Berry in The Way of Ignorance: Letter to Daniel Kemmis p.146