While I can’t stand coffee, I’m impressed by Starbucks as a company. They saw a problem and stepped up to the challenge. A challenge they weren’t required to step to and no one expected them to.

Oh, and they hired Eliot Rausch, one of my favourite directors, to help them announce it.

1979 III by Wendell Berry

To sit and look at light-filled leaves
May let us see, or seem to see,
Far backward as through clearer eyes
To what unsighted hope believes:
The blessed conviviality
That sand Creation’s seventh sunrise,

Time when the Maker’s radiant sight
Made radiant every thing He saw
And every thing He saw was filled
With perfect joy and life and light
His perfect pleasure was sole law;
No pleasure had become self-willed

For all his creatures were His pleasures
and their whole pleasure was to be
What He made them; the sought no gain
Or growth beyond their proper measures,
Nor longed for change or novelty.
The only new thing could be pain.

Apologies for my MIA-ness these past few weeks months. In this time, I’ve hosted a group of college kids in Zambia, trained up my replacement, left Zambia, traveled through Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia & Herzegovina. I’m temporarily living in PA before moving back to NY in order to finish up some graduate school. It’s been hectic, but fun. Things are still far from figured out, but I should have a little bit more time to be posting here again!