The Zambian Association for Children with Disabilities (ZACD) is a non-profit partner of us here at CURE Zambia. They exist to build and supply affordable mobility aids to kids with disabilities while also employing adults with disabilities. In a culture where disabilities often lead adults to a life of begging and poverty, ZACD and CURE Zambia are working to enable those with disabilities and, together, dream of a brighter future.


The ZACD operate both their business and workshops out of a simple shipping container on the grounds of CURE Zambia.


They employ a small staff with expertise ranging over business fields and the various forms of construction they use.


A seamstress busy sewing what will eventually be a clubfoot shoe to help a young child keep their clubfoot correction.


Finished clubfoot shoes hang from wires across the ceiling. In such a small workplace, space is a very valuable commodity.


An employee shows off both an in-progress (right) and finished (left) crutch. These crutches are both durable and cheap allowing independent mobility to be a reality for thousands of children all over Zambia.


This special chair helps babies with hydrocephalus and cerebral palsy (among other conditions) sit and balance, while giving the mothers a rest from constantly carrying and supporting their child. These chairs are 100% made from waste paper products (pictured below).


With the rainy season approaching, the recent large delivery of waste cardboard had to be stored in the container, temporarily displacing the office space that is used to record and coordinate sales.


An employee shows off a walking aid he recently made. Each aid is completely functional, but unique depending on the materials available when it was designed.


Overall, the employees of ZACD are glad to be employed and in a field where they are working for the betterment of both children and adults with disabilities all over Zambia.

3 thoughts on “The ZACD

  1. JOEL. Amazing. Thanks for sharing. What an amazing mission.
    Their ingenuity is astounding. Keep photographing. Look to capture action. I love your first two images. The light on her face is so fragile and beautiful. Including the heads in the second shot makes it so much more powerful by creating a direct connection between the finished product and the craftsmen.

  2. Great to see the initiative and innovation of local people who care. Beit Cure Zambia is doing a fantastic job of networking with local resourcefulness and resources. Thanks for giving a visual tour of ZACD.

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